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The Many Uses of Twitter

Twitter is a well-known social media platform, popular for its 140-character limit per tweet, widely used to stay current on trending topics. Here are some ways we have been using Twitter to grow our client reach.
Twitter Chats
If you have not previously engaged in a Twitter chat, there are a few things you should know. Several moderators typically begin the conversation by introducing a certain topic and encourage participants to acquaint themselves with one another. Once introductions are complete, the moderators will present a series of questions that start with a “Q” followed by a number to indicate which question it is. Users are then able to partake in the conversation by using the specified hashtag the moderators have established. The MJ2 team has participated in several Content Marketing World chats over the past several months- #CMWWorld. This makes it really easy to find and participate in the conversation.
In order to respond to a certain question, participants should begin their reply with an “A” followed by the corresponding number of the question. You can also add flow to the discussion by replying to other tweets by using the hashtag, and favorite tweets by clicking the star icon to let another participant know you liked their comment. To view your favorite tweets, simply click the “favorites” button in the “Me” section on your Twitter account. If the conversation becomes too fast-paced, you can favorite a tweet and return to it later.
Our Twitter team is currently experimenting with live twitter chats across various accounts. One of our most recent chats covered the topic of Vocations on our @FaceForwardCols Twitter.
Twitter Ads
If you aren’t advertising on Twitter, you might want to reconsider. Twitter ads can be set up with very little effort and can be hyper-targeted to your desired audience. We just talked about joining conversations, imagine how engagement with real-time tweets could influence those conversations and build your business!
Twitter ads show a better click-through rate (CTR) than most of its competitors. According to WordStream, “the CTR for Twitter campaigns was 3.6% which compared very favorably against Facebook ads, which only achieved a 0.4% CTR.” If you are looking to get clicks to your site and increase awareness, Twitter advertising is a great place to join.

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