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MJ2 Core Leadership Team

From content strategists to marketing expertise with a combined 100 years of experience in the industry, our resource teams become an extension of your marketing team. 

We know that having the right expertise at the right time on your project is critical. We also understand that execution is the most important deliverable we will be providing as an outsourced service provider. Our in-house team of experts will help drive your next marketing endeavor with an infusion of talent, communication and a little “fun”. We have worked together in this industry for over 15 years operating in-office out of Dublin, Ohio.

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Meet the team.

Megan James headshot.

Megan James

Jennifer Dring, MJ2 Marketing agency managing director.

Jennifer Dring

Ashley Allison, MJ2 Marketing account manager.

Ashley Allison

Andrew Bash, MJ2 Marketing and DigitalMaxx Director.

Andrew Bash

Dan Herbert

Nick Denbow
Social Media Specialist

Ryann Wilson
Content Specialist/Account Manager

Grace Reilly
Graphic Designer

Renee Abillar
Sr. SEM Specialist

Jason Wang
SEO Specialist

Mark Macbenta
Sr. SEO Specialist

Tracy Johnson
Business Manager

Lisa Moore
Senior Strategist

Ariana Goffe
Graphic Designer


Michael Littman
Fractional CFO

Becky Ziegler
Fractional CMO

Jordan Roth
Web Developer

Infographic showing MJ2 Marketing's Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Branding and Creative, and Website Development Teams

Our delivery model focuses on combining our talented staff of in-house marketing professionals at the right phase of your project.

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