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We create integrated
performance marketing plans
for brands, targeting measurable,
repeatable results driven by data.





The experience that your website offers to your clients and potential clients is a critical component to achieving your business goals. Using our expertise in UX/UI, content creation, SEO, and performance optimization, we approach every website project with your specific goals in mind to create a digital representation worthy of your brand.

As a business owner, email marketing is the most direct way to reach into both existing and potential customers. Our focus is on growing your list, and putting that list to work for you. Relying on real data, sending the right content at the right time - with the right subject line - means emails can better meet your business goals.

Gone are the days of simply stuffing your website with relevant keywords without providing any value. Through keyword research, a focus on local results, and lots of testing, we can grow your SERP rankings month-over-month, to create reliable, repeatable results.

If SEO is a marathon, PPC is a sprint. Working best in tandem with a long-term SEO strategy, PPC ads allow you to immediately reach your target audience. We work hand-in-hand with the MJ2 creative team to create thumb-stopping imagery, partnered with retargeting and lookalike data to reach the right audience at the right time.

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Great content is crucial to your marketing but it can't do anything if it's not being seen. Our suite of tools gives you full visibility into how your content is performing... and our expertise will help you interpret the data.

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"All of you are awesome…and I’m looking forward to this new brand. Anticipating that this will just be an additional MJ2 dynamic, whose praises I’ll be spreading. 😉"

- Pamela Saloom - Compass Homes

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