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The ingredients for Google Ads conversions.

An online advertising program, Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) allows you to create ads to reach audiences that are interested in the products and services you offer. That sounds a lot like many other forms of paid ads, so why Google?  Google has actually transcended its own brand and now holds a place in the […]

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Gen Z

MJ2 was recently invited by Big Lots to attend their Fireside Chat with Gen Z experts, Connor Blakley and Madison Bregman. These two were impressive to say the least. Both 20 years old, the pair has consulted with brands such as the NFL, Johnson & Johnson, DSW and Chipotle to understand how to adapt their […]

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IAM Robotics Digital Marketing

MJ2 Marketing was approached by IAM Robotics in early 2019 to provide strategic marketing services to amplify their messaging across digital platforms. In addition to building general brand awareness through engagement on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, MJ2 also works with the IAM Robotics team to develop in-depth strategic content for their website that has […]

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