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Our Favorite Takeaways from Interact19

The MJ2 team recently attended Interact19 at The Ohio State University. Interact Ohio is one of our favorite events each year, as it provides a great opportunity for networking, workshops, and some great seminars. Below are a few of our highlights from this year. “Be Mighty” was the lesson from the Morning Keynote presented byRead More >

Thankful for Our Clients

During this month of thanks, we wanted to acknowledge our clients that we have had the pleasure working with over the past ten years. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with you and we look forward to another ten years of digital marketing and executing the MJ2 Effect! Didn’t make our video? ComeRead More >

Looking Back At Past Red Nose Day Winners

Need some inspiration for your own Red Nose Day 2018 photoshoot? Take a look at past winning submissions! While you’re taking your photo, please consider making a Red Nose Day 2018 donation at our Funraiser page. For last year’s Red Nose Day entries, click here.

Apply for the MJ2 Summer Internship Program

MJ2 Marketing is a Dublin-based boutique digital agency that specializes in getting brands recognized in the online space. This internship will provide a college student with the opportunity to gain experience working in an integrated marketing and digital firm. Students with experience in design, social media and technology are encouraged to apply. If you wantRead More >

Our Five Favorite Spots in Dublin

MJ2 Marketing has called Dublin, Ohio home since our conception in May 1, 2008. Home to more than 20 corporate headquarters, 4,300 businesses, and countless unique events, Dublin is the perfect place to work, play, and live. Through the years, we’ve developed a few favorite things to do in Dublin. If you’re new to town,Read More >

How Well Do You Know MJ2?

January 4th is National Trivia day, a day dedicated to celebrating interesting, random facts that almost nobody knows. Our team discussed the various ways we could partake in this nonsensical day of observance, but decided the best way to honor such an occasion was to share trivial facts about us, the MJ2 team. Here’s ourRead More >