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Get to Know MJ2 – Lisa Moore

Content Marketing Consultant Lisa Moore’s Professional Life Way back when…you know in the 90s, I started my professional career at a mortgage company in Worthington after graduating from Bowling Green State University. It was an unpredicted path as finance had been my least favorite college class, but that’s where it all began.  After 12 yearsRead More >

Get to Know MJ2 – Megan James

President + CEO Megan James’ Professional Life I received my marketing degree from Ohio State (that is all it was called back then…no “THE”) and the College of Business (no Fisher, I think it was just Hagerty Hall!). I actually transferred from Cal State Sacramento, a small school in California, where I was recruited onRead More >

Get to Know MJ2 – Erica Newell

Senior Social Media Specialist Erica’s Professional Life While studying Strategic Communication at The Ohio State University, I immersed myself in a wide range of internships related to marketing, including Community Refugee & Immigration Services, Global Gifts, and the City of Dublin. It was at the City of Dublin where I first met Megan, the ownerRead More >

Get to Know MJ2 – Jordan Roth

Web Developer + SEO Specialist Jordan’s Professional Life I’ve worked in a number of different fields professionally, but my start in digital marketing was in 2012 when I started my own website development business.  I began doing contract work with MJ2 in 2015, and after ~5 years of a continually increasing portion of work thatRead More >

Out + About with the MJ2 Team

Supporting our clients in unique ways to stay relevant during unusual times. When we say that we are a “boutique marketing agency that thrives on collaborating with our clients,” we aren’t joking. Whether it is helping our clients find their unique niche on the social and digital platforms, heading out for a photo or videoRead More >

Get to Know MJ2 – Ariana Goffe

Graphic Designer and Senior Account Coordinator Ana’s Professional Life I began learning graphic design skills in high school (if we’re not counting constantly playing around in Kid Pix and Microsoft Paint as a kid) by taking electives focusing on marketing, photography, and the Adobe Creative Suite. I went on to receive a Bachelor of ScienceRead More >

Get to Know MJ2 – Lisa Moore

Name:  Lisa Moore Title: Director, Community Management What makes the MJ2 Marketing team so unique is that we come from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. Our Director of Community Management, Lisa Moore, not only adds value to the MJ2 Marketing team but also to the communities she manages. Lisa hails from a small,Read More >