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Welcoming the City of Worthington

We are thrilled to welcome the City of Worthington to the MJ2 Marketing family of clients.  Beginning July 1, 2022, the MJ2 team will supplement the City’s Communications efforts with digital strategies and content creation to further engage and connect with City and school district residents, members of the business community, and other key stakeholders.Read More >

Paid vs. Organic Social Media 

An integrated social media strategy combines the use of both organic and paid social media to retain your existing customers while expanding your reach to a larger audience. Each approach to social media marketing has different benefits, although there is overlap between the two as well. The most successful digital marketing plan includes both paidRead More >

Do You Have to Pay to Play on Facebook?

Best Practices for Getting Your Organic Content Seen Recognizing the importance of the role of Facebook (and its 2.74 billion users!) to our clients’ digital marketing success Team MJ2 relies on getting the latest and greatest information on the platform from Facebook marketing expert, Mari Smith. Recently, our Digital Content Director, Jenn Dring, and SeniorRead More >

The ROI of Social Media Marketing

How an outsourced digital marketing team can impact your bottom line If the digital transformation was already in full-swing before the global pandemic … well, you can imagine how important this reimagining of business is now! Certainly, this transformation marks a turn of the tide in how businesses and consumers view, use and value socialRead More >

Honing Your Creative Strategy

Thumb-Stopping Content for Top Performance  There are all different types of marketing, but in this digital era, it is your content across the digital and social platforms that can help you stand out from the crowd. While written content will always play a role in your digital marketing, it is essential to embrace all formsRead More >