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Best Practices for Blog SEO

Publishing regular, high quality blog posts is a crucial part of social marketing. A good blog post can draw people into your website, provide valuable information, and help convert casual visits into leads. But how do you ensure your posts are being found? That is where SEO comes in. Take a look at our bestRead More >

SlideShare: Optimizing Images for SEO

We talk a lot about SEO and how important it is to the success of your company’s website. Did you know that it is equally important to optimize or your images along with your content? Take a look at why it is important and how you can easily do it yourself.

Are you in the know? Google Updates SEO Algorithm

In a move that is sure to benefit social media savvy businesses, Google recently announced their largest search engine algorithm update since 2001, eloquently named Hummingbird.  This recent overhaul — which affects 90 percent of searches — intends to filter “fluff” content that is created solely for nabbing search engine optimization in order to deliverRead More >


The term “SEO” can be a daunting thought for many business owners and individuals.  Search Engine Optimization has a reputation for being slow and ineffective – unless you have a massive budget. This is deserved to some degree as highly competitive keywords will never be easy to optimize for.  That being said, with a littleRead More >