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Red Nose Day 2018

As Red Nose Day 2018 comes to a close we would like to give a big hand to all of our friends and partners who participated to help end child poverty. We saw lots of great entries this year, but the grand prize had to go to the Friends-themed entry from Timeless Skin Solutions. Take […]

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Notepad and green plant on wooden background with Now Hiring! word

MJ2 Marketing is a Dublin-based boutique digital agency that specializes in getting brands recognized in the online space. This internship will provide a college student with the opportunity to gain experience working in an integrated marketing and digital firm. Students with experience in design, social media and technology are encouraged to apply. If you want […]

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trivia day

January 4th is National Trivia day, a day dedicated to celebrating interesting, random facts that almost nobody knows. Our team discussed the various ways we could partake in this nonsensical day of observance, but decided the best way to honor such an occasion was to share trivial facts about us, the MJ2 team. Here’s our […]

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