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Content Marketing Plans

Every second there are 40,000 searches conducted on Google. People from all over the world are filtering through search results to find answers to their questions. In response to this, every brand is in competition for a piece of the content pie; serving up information to their audience in record quantities in hopes their answerRead More >

Content Marketing and B2B Marketers

  In case you missed it (and we are going to sound a bit cliché): Content is king! As the internet landscape continues to change, relying on SEO alone could hinder the success of your company. Results from the Content Marketing Institute’s 2014 B2B Trends report shows that B2B marketers are recognizing the importance ofRead More >

Content Marketing Tips and Tricks

As traditional marketing becomes less and less effective, marketers are turning to a more effective marketing strategy: content marketing.  To be effective, your goal should be to create and curate relevant and valuable content to draw in your customer. Content marketing is the art of communicating with your customers, not selling to them. You can thinkRead More >