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MJ2 Marketing Wins Prestigious Netty Award

Netty Award winner announcement on the left half of the image. The right half of the image is a photo of Piada Italian Street Food menu items with the words "Feeling Saucy?"

For its Paid Media Campaign with Piada Italian Street Food

We are thrilled to share that we have been recognized for our outstanding work in the Food Programmatic Ad Campaign category of the Netty Awards, considered a benchmark for industry best practices and innovation.  

The Netty Awards are an international award program that recognizes achievements in digital marketing and other areas of the digital landscape. The awards honor companies and leaders across more than 100 categories, including design, social media, influencers, web, advertising, PR, and apps and software. Winners are recognized for their creativity, innovation, technical prowess, and impact.   

We are proud to partner with Piada Italian Street Food on the fast-casual restaurant’s paid media campaign and honored to be recognized along with them for our work.  

‘Feeling Saucy’ with Piada  

“Everyone likes Piada, but no one thinks of it.”  

Discovering through internal focus groups that brand awareness was low among its target audiences, Piada sought a paid media strategy to increase brand awareness and drive sales both online and in-store. Our approach utilized market research, advanced targeting algorithms, and quality creative, reaching the audience where they are already, online, in a non-intrusive and visually pleasing way.  

Almost immediately, we saw strong results. Impressions were up with a low CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions), the pixel tracking confirmed that the strategy was increasing online sales, online offers were being redeemed, and our footfall reports showed impression-based conversions with in-store visits.  

  • In just one month, the general brand awareness campaign had over 2.08M impressions, 7.4K purchases, 19.7K order page visits, and over 320 tracked in-store visits. 
  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition, in this case, Cost Per Online Order) has averaged $0.91. Previous campaigns were >$1.  
  • Sentiment from customers and brand leadership was very positive as the brand effectively raised awareness and increased sales.  

Collaboration is Key  

Working with the Piada brand team to develop campaign messaging and high-quality creative was key to the success of this campaign. The brand tends to be a little playful with copy and utilizes quality photography that highlights the ingredients and the variety of options.  

We conducted A/B testing of unique visuals, headlines and calls to action. Based on the engagement metrics such as click-through-rates, conversions and user interactions, we were able to identify which versions resonated best with each audience segment. Using this data, we continuously adjusted bidding strategies and prioritized top-performing assets. This iterative approach allowed us to fine-tune in real-time, ensuring the most effective creative elements were deployed, maximizing engagement and ROI.