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5 Things You Will See From MJ2 in 2024

5 Things You Will See From MJ2 in 2024

By: Megan James, President & Owner

As we head into this new year, I can feel the excitement amongst our team as we gear up for a pivotal year ahead. Our pipeline is the most robust it has been since pre-pandemic opportunities, and we hit 2024 in a full-on “sprint.” We love to watch the Dublin world go by from our newly expanded offices in Historic Dublin, having completed renovations this past year on an additional 2,000 square feet of space. We, of course, continue to love our team excursions to Winans, Bridge Park, Dublin Village Tavern, and the newest addition of Fox in the Snow Cafe

What’s ahead for MJ2 Marketing? Here are five things that we are excited about in the new year.  

New Team Members

Like most agencies that are heading into a growth year, expect to see new faces at MJ2 Marketing in 2024. In 2023, we were pleased to welcome back two former members of #TeamMJ2, Ashley and Ryann.

We also brought in several new faces to our digital teams…programmers, SEO specialists, and paid media resources who will help us to continue to build and enhance our digital offerings … welcome Renee, Mark, and Jason.

Heading into 2024, #TeamMJ2 now includes over 20 people, and we fully expect to see additional growth in the areas of finance, sales/marketing, business development, and of course, digital expertise.  

Looking for a new opportunity? Apply here if you think you might have what it takes to be a top-performing member of #TeamMJ2.

New Technologies

We are continuing to navigate how Artificial Intelligence will allow us to enhance our agency workflow and the work we do on behalf of our clients in the future. AI is a buzz in our industry and we recognize the value in investing in tools that will make our work better with improved access to data. This enables us to pivot and adjust our strategies quicker and more efficiently.  

We will not, however, sacrifice our ability to think as a team and provide our most creative and best work for our projects. We look forward to attending Social Media Marketing World in San Diego in February again this year and learning what other agencies are doing with AI and securing our own tools to support our programs.

Ability to Scale

The continual after-effects of COVID and of course an election year will offer its fair set of challenges to scale in 2024. But we are up to the challenge. So far, this year is looking to be our best year yet in our 15+ year history.   

In 2023 we announced Jenn Dring as our new Agency Managing Director, and she has done an amazing job getting us pointed in the right direction. We are bringing in senior consultancy to help us figure out the right path and pace in the areas of finance, internal marketing, and some tweaks to our branding and website. After all, we must keep our internal house tuned up to show what we can do for our clients. More on this as we line up our consultancy team for the year ahead! 

New Clients

MJ2 Marketing has welcomed many new clients in 2023 and early 2024. Many of these brands are outside of Central Ohio and Ohio, in general. While Dublin and Central Ohio will always be home and important to us, we have honed our delivery mechanism so that we have no boundaries.  

Welcome Cleveland Pops Orchestra (Cleveland, Ohio); MedPro Systems (New Jersey); Hess Realty Group (Central Ohio) and Vutech and Ruff, Cutler Real Estate (Central Ohio) and Dublin Historical Society (right in our backyard!), CLB Restaurants (Tucci’s and Matt the Miller’s Tavern locations in Ohio and Indiana) and our newest fast-casual restaurant, Piada with locations in six states.

We are excited to welcome more clients in the coming weeks and for #TeamMJ2, it is exciting that in the case of many of these opportunities, we were competing against other more prominent agencies, and we WON. We have proven to ourselves and are confident that we can compete with some of the more well-known agencies and deliver to the highest of standards.  

I attribute that to our agility, flexibility, leadership, and overall commitment to customer service. If you stopped any of our team members at our agency, they know the MJ2 mantra…” What have you done for our clients today?” 

Growing DigitalMaxx

We invested in the launch of DigitalMaxx, the digital arm of the boutique agency back in early 2023. This group of web developers, SEO gurus, and performance marketing experts has been the core area of our most significant growth in 2023.  

As a result, we have added several new team members to our staff to help scale these programs: SEO Specialists; Paid Media Expertise; Programmatic Digital Expertise; and have furthered the web development team with developers, designers and copywriters. We believe this area of our business is the key to our growth in 2024 under the direction of Andrew Bash, and also because I cannot even imagine why anyone would want to try to do these in-house! 

I know that I speak for our entire agency when I say just how excited we are for what is ahead in 2024. We thank all those who have stood by us year after year and entrusted us with your marketing and to all those special clients who keep referring new business to us. Celebrating 15 years was a huge milestone last year, and we look forward to many more. 

Megan James
President and Owner, MJ2 Marketing