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Welcome, Mary!

Mary Foster, MJ2 Marketing intern.

I’ve always been referred to as the chatty friend or the extrovert. In elementary school, I often found myself in trouble for talking too much, but I simply loved making connections. Funnily enough, I’m pursuing a degree in business and making connections with extraordinary people every day.  

I graduate from The Ohio State University this coming May with a major in Marketing and a minor in Business Analytics. I chose Ohio State for a big city feel — coming from a small town, a big city is all I ever wanted. The endless opportunities and outdoor weekend markets while sporting a local coffee keep me planted in Columbus.  

Mary Foster, MJ2 Marketing Intern.

I fell in love with marketing after struggling to find a major I connected with, and ultimately following in the footsteps of my mentor and big sister. Sure enough, just like my childhood, I loved everything she did, and marketing was the perfect fit for me. After a digital marketing class last spring, I found my perfect match and sought out a digital marketing firm like MJ2!  

Outside of my professional life, I find joy in creating crowd pleasing recipes. I take pride in color coded meal plans and weekly (normally seasonal) desserts. While waiting for the kitchen timer to go off, you can find me reading a new book or sitting on the front porch with a coffee. I also have a huge passion for helping and supporting the unhoused communities around Columbus.  

Mary Foster, MJ2 Marketing intern.

Q&A with Mary Foster 

What are your top 3 favorite Columbus-based companies? 

Jeni’s Ice Cream (my favorite flavor ever is salted peanut butter with chocolate flecks, or powdered jelly donut)  

Brassica (especially the cookies!) 

Stauf’s Coffee Roasters 

What is your favorite relaxing activity? 

I love to have a freshly clean room, light a brand-new candle, and read a favorite book.  

What are you currently reading? 

Beautiful World Where Are You by Sally Rooney  

How do you take your coffee? 

I love a trusty, hot, reliable mocha.  

What is your favorite restaurant in Columbus? 

If I am put on the spot for a quick lunch, Brassica is my go-to. If there is time to sit down for dinner, Bakersfield tacos!  

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