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Advantages of Outsourcing Your Marketing

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While the goal of every company is to make a profit and maximize sales, not every organization has the necessary experience and expertise in the areas of marketing, communications, SEO, and paid digital advertising to achieve that goal. So what do they do? More and more companies are choosing to outsource their marketing to an agency that does. In fact, nearly 60% of B2B businesses outsource at least a portion of their marketing efforts.  

Although outsourcing may not be the right decision for every company, for many small to medium-sized businesses it is an economical and effective way to implement new marketing strategies and actions or improve existing ones in order to drive sales. Let’s look at just a few of the advantages of outsourcing your marketing.  

Outsourcing Your Marketing Offers A New Perspective

When you are in the day-to-day operations of running your business, it can be difficult to step outside of “the way we have always done it” to explore new ways to build brand awareness and drive sales. Outsourcing your marketing can provide a new perspective on your business and how to market it. Outsourced resources are also keeping a close eye on performance and adjusting as needed to ensure success.  


Marketing is constantly changing and becoming more technical every day. From changing algorithms to new platforms, there has been a boom in recent years in marketing techniques, tools, and strategies. While it is an exciting time offering new opportunities daily, it also makes it that much more important to constantly stay up-to-date on the latest trends. A tall task for an internal resource balancing numerous duties. 

Blended Resources

While staying up to date on the latest trends is essential in this new world of marketing, even more so is having a team with a variety of skill sets. Consider that a robust digital marketing program likely requires team members with web development skills, a graphic designer, a content writer, a social media specialist, an email marketing enthusiast, and an overall strategist. That’s a lot of hats for one person to wear!  

A Strategic Approach

It’s easy to get lost in the tasks required to execute your marketing efforts and lose track of the overarching” why” you are doing what you are doing and what the measurable goal is. An outsourced marketing team is skilled in developing a strategy based on your goals, executing that strategy, measuring the outcomes, and making any necessary adjustments.  

Outsourcing Your Marketing is Efficient and Cost-Effective 

Running a business is a lot of work. Outsourcing your marketing can help you increase your day-to-day efficiency by allowing you to focus on the main activities of your business and dedicate more time to your clients. While what your outsourced marketing requires depends on a variety of factors unique to your business, in general, outsourcing your marketing is typically less expensive than creating an in-house team. 

Access to Technology

Marketing agencies invest in specialized tools and technologies (such as Google Analytics, Illustrator and Photoshop, SEMRush, etc.) to provide expert services to clients. This means that your outsourced marketing team will have access to these tools on your behalf without the need for you to invest in them.  


Particularly in the world of digital marketing, every decision is data-driven and measured by results. But does outsourcing your market have a strong ROI? The fact is, in this digital work, without a robust marketing strategy, your business won’t be found. Getting your brand noticed—whether through paid advertising, a lead gen campaign, or organic search—gains your website more visits. When those visitors are qualified, more visits mean more leads and more leads mean more sales. 

At MJ2 Marketing, we bring a blended team of resources to work for each of our clients. Including graphic designers, content creators, strategists, social media specialists, copywriters and web developers, our team is able to provide thumb-stopping, timely, and thoughtful content for our clients who come from a wide variety of industries. 

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