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Behind the Lens with #TeamMJ2

Team MJ2 video marketing.

At MJ2 Marketing we are always looking for new ways to collaborate, get creative, and help companies tell their stories. And as luck – or a lot of hard work – would have it, we had a really unique opportunity to do just that this summer, along with our friends at 2fly

A consultant firm that specializes in brand entertainment, content, and event marketing, 2fly reached out to MJ2 for some assistance on providing video support for a week-long event being held locally in support of an international auto manufacturer (think two letter acronym, end of the alphabet…). Of course, we said yes!  

The event was ‘Heat 3’ a Regional Dealer Skills Tournament with participants traveling from all over the country to take part. Different categories like Sales, Service, Parts, Shop Foreman, and Technicians were tested over the four-day competition. With the opportunity to move on to Nationals in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, later this year for those who placed high enough, there was no lack of motivation or energy at the week-long event. 

Space was limited at the event, which meant only one MJ2 team member was able to attend and provide the necessary support. Nick Denbow, one of our Social Media Specialists who focuses on video production and editing for our clients, was the natural choice to attend.  

Overall, his mission in supporting 2fly was to capture documentary-style footage of the event that would be used in a hype video at the National convention. The footage included the tests, cars, participants interacting with each other, and fun moments with the location leaders. In addition to having fun, the opportunity provided Nick with valuable experience in event marketing with a large brand while collaborating with the team from 2fly.  

“It was fascinating to see participants slowly start to be more comfortable on camera and even embrace it by the end by infusing their own ideas into the video.” Stay tuned for final video shares towards the end of the year.  

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