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4 Ways to Ensure Your Team Uses Your Digital Marketing Tools

The words "4 Ways to Ensure Your Team Uses Your Marketing Tools"

MJ2 Marketing sees the value in marketing … it’s why we do what we do! And we certainly hope that as a business owner or leader, you too develop and collect digital marketing tools to elevate your brand. But how do you get your team to buy in and put them to work? 

We compiled our top four ways to ensure your sales team uses your digital marketing tools:

1. Provide Training for Your Digital Marketing Tools

Train your sales team on how to use your marketing tools effectively. Conduct training sessions or provide training materials such as videos or user manuals. It’s important that your sales team understands how the tools work and how they can use them to their advantage.

2. Encourage Collaboration

Foster collaboration between your marketing and sales teams. Involve your sales team in the development of marketing tools and get their feedback to ensure that your marketing tactics meet their needs. Encourage them to share their experiences and feedback so that you can continuously improve the tools to ensure their effectiveness.

3. Make the Digital Marketing Tools Easy to Access

Ensure your marketing tools are easily accessible. Integrate the tools into your sales process, make them available on mobile devices, or provide quick access links in your CRM system. Make it easy for your sales team to use the tools daily.

4. Provide Incentives

Encourage your sales team to use the marketing tools. You can reward those who use the tools effectively, recognize those who provide feedback or suggestions on improving the tools, or provide bonuses or commissions based on tool usage. Find ways to motivate your sales team to use the tools and help ensure their effectiveness.

Are you ready to activate your sales team with high-quality, unique marketing tools? The team at MJ2 Marketing can help! Contact us for innovative ways to engage your team and ensure they use the available tools to maximize your sales and grow your business.