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MJ2’s Most Played Songs of the Year

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year: Spotify Wrapped season! Every year, Spotify rolls out their Wrapped feature, which offers their users a personalized analysis of their favorite songs and artists, minutes spent listening to music, and their listening habits for the year. Spotify even offers each user a specified playlist of their 100 Top Songs of the year. Wrapped has been an exciting feature for Spotify users since its beginning in 2016, resulting in many listeners sharing their results on various social media platforms.

We wanted to get in on the fun, and explore some of our staff’s top songs and listening habits of 2022. Here are our results:


“It’s always fun to look back and remember which songs I had on non stop repeat for a couple days.”


“It is no surprise that my list is all across the board, but I am very surprised by the fact that there is not one Taylor Swift song in my top 5.”


“My kids using my Spotify account throughout the year really skewed my overall results, but I’m not surprised that my top songs came out to be a mix of 90s alternative and newer modern rock and pop rock.”


“My list is definitely driven by fist pumping commute tunes. (See what I did there? Very punny). Level 11 and go!”


“My results are pretty predictable- workout music and my short attention span to listen to a song all the way through – except these.”


“I’m very happy with my top songs and even more so with the “Music Listening Adventurer” title Spotify gave me as I spent much of this year discovering both new and old artists to listen to.”


“Mostly walking music for me, but we do use some of these songs to hype my kids up before soccer games. ?Welcome to the Jungle is my 9 year olds favorite. The rest, honestly, are some of my favs.”

If you are a Spotify user, you can see your Spotify Wrapped results here Keep in mind, it is only available on the mobile app.

If you are an Apple Music fan, you can still view your top listened to songs and albums by visiting and logging in with your username and password.

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