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Digital Marketing Predictions to Look Out For In 2023

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Predictions for 2023

It goes without saying, the world of digital marketing is always changing and growing. Here at MJ2 Marketing, we strive to meet and get ahead of all the evolving, digital marketing trends to incorporate into our clients’ digital and social platforms. With 2022 coming to a close, it is time to look forward to what to expect from 2023 in the digital marketing landscape.

Get Personal

The social networks can be crowded and noisy, so naturally, people are drawn to content that is personalized to them. Discover your target audience’s tastes and preferences to help you develop a personalized experience that will guarantee their engagement. How do you do that? There are a variety of ways, but we think SEO and social media are two particularly helpful ways to find out what your audience is drawn to. 

Search Engine Optimization – In our recent article, The Value of SEO, we look at the role of SEO in your marketing, and how it can help your business survive and thrive. SEO data provides real-time customer insights that are essential to helping guide your marketing decisions. In fact, 71% percent of marketers say SEO data does or will feed directly into their company’s business intelligence.

Social Media Marketing – Social media platforms are agile enough to allow us to test a variety of approaches and messages with ease, thereby maximizing your digital marketing investments. By using social media to test how your content is performing among your target audiences, you can get data-driven insights about your social media marketing activities. This provides a picture of what is successful for your brand, allowing you to create campaigns that you know will work.

Be Interactive

Because the social platforms can get noisy, it’s important to create content that stands out from the crowd.Using iInteractive and creative ways to share your brand’s content is going to continue to become more important in 2023.

You can incorporate interactivity in your social channels through polls, questionnaires, infographics, and even Snapchat and Instagram filters. 

Infographics are great way to share content with your audience in a new and interesting way. Plus, there is the bonus that it is content that your audience can easily share as well, should it be relevant to their own customer base. 

Target your audience where they are at by using a Snapchat filter. This is particularly helpful for event-based marketing when you can define a specific geographic target for a certain time period. For example, we created a Snapchat filter for one of our clients during the Columbus PRIDE Festival, which they identified as key event for their desired audience. The result?  A total reach of 279,500 people in just a day’s work. 


With the explosion of popularity in social media platforms like Tiktok and the inclusion of Reels on Instagram and Facebook, video-based content will absolutely continue to grow with the new year. Video really incorporates a lot of this coming year’s trends all in one – they can be made to feel very personal, are interactive, and can be used to really target your audience. 

For example, we worked with the Dublin Food Pantry to develop a video as part of their #EveryoneEatsHere campaign, creating a personal message directly from the organization to its audience.

Dublin Food Pantry An Update from Denise “Dinky” Youngsteadt-Parrish Video

While the Dublin Food Pantry video is a more produced and polished video, organic video can also be very powerful on the digital networks. It is a particularly powerful way to share how your current clients and customer base feel about you and your work. Check out what this client has to say about the work of Epic Group:

Epic Group Trimpe Home Renovation Video

Partner with Influencers

Reaching out to experts in your brand’s industry or simply encouraging your top fans to advocate on your behalf can be a really powerful way to get the word out about your products and services in a more organic and authentic way. 

Our client, Timeless Skin Solutions developed the Timeless Insiders program as a way to encourage some of its top clients to share their experience with Timeless to their personal networks. This helps both personalize the brand and amplify its message to a broader audience – definitely a win-win!

Timeless Skin Solutions Insiders First To Know

So, let’s boil it down. The biggest takeaway for 2023 digital marketing trends is to humanize your brand. People are becoming increasingly more conscious of what brands they engage with and what those brands stand for. It is important to deliver messages that convey more than just selling a product, but also telling a story. 

Need some help? From strategy to execution, our team of blended resources can either supplement your marketing efforts or act as a full-functioning extension of your business to get the job done. Let’s talk!

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