Happy 14th Birthday, MJ2! A Few Highlights & Fun Facts From Our History


Happy 14th Birthday, MJ2!

Happy Birthday banner for MJ2.

Our team loves to have fun while working hard for each of our clients. From communication with our clients to digital assets, we ensure everything we send out the door is something we are proud of. And we have been doing it for 14 years, right here in Dublin, Ohio. 

So let’s take a look at a few of the highlights and fun facts from our first 14 years as we prepare to forge ahead into many more!

  1. MJ2 has had 3 different locations since established in 2008, all in Dublin, Ohio ?
  2. Director Andrew Bash first started at MJ2 as an intern in 2012… fresh out of school ?
  3. MJ2 started in social media when there were only 200 users on Twitter
  4. Digital Marketing Strategist, Lisa Moore, and President Megan James originally connected on Twitter when the platform had just started
  5. Web Developer, Jordan Roth, originally went to school for audio engineering (no wonder he spins the office tunes ?)
  6. MJ2’s name was created solely based on an old email address that Megan James used to have (can you say… Roadrunner email?) ?
  7. MJ2’s very first project was Face Forward Columbus with the Catholic Diocese of Columbus, a passion project for MJ2 Marketing, for sure!
  8. Digital Content Director, Jenn Dring, met Megan James through Dublin Coffman Basketball ? #GoRocks
  9. One of MJ2’s greatest accomplishments was helping small businesses in Historic Dublin during COVID
  10. Graphic Designer, Faith Saxton, and Megan James first met on LinkedIn. Megan reached in and Faith answered, that’s how it works! ?
  11. MJ2 has only had 2 different logos
  12. Social Media Specialist, Erica Newell, and Megan James first bonded over their love for Bruce Springsteen (Ties that Bind for sure?!) ?
  13. MJ2’s first social media retainer concepts were first thought of at Leatherlips Park while Megan’s kids were very little and busy sledding ?
  14. MJ2 has had 8 different website designs (yep, change your site every two years!) ?
The old MJ2 logo compared to the new MJ2 logo.

Thank you to all of our clients, partners, friends, and family who have supported us over the past 14 years. Here’s to the next 14!

– The MJ2 Crew

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