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Employee Advocacy Programs

Employee advocacy programs.

One of the most overlooked aspects of digital marketing is employee advocacy programs. Why? Because the best advocates for your brand and organization are often your own employees. That’s why it’s essential to engage your employees and develop a strategic employee advocacy program where all parties can benefit.

Employee advocacy is when your employees help promote your brand and organization, oftentimes through social media platforms. Successful programs offer easy ways and incentives for employees to share and amplify messages to increase brand awareness and promote the brand. An added benefit of advocacy programs is that they help supplement recruiting efforts – when your team is sharing positive messages about your organization, potential employees might be more inclined to apply.

Benefits of Employee Advocacy Programs

  • Increases brand awareness
  • Sales and networking opportunities
  • Enhances and acts as a supplemental recruitment tool
  • Promotes industry thought leadership
  • Helps you control your branding and messaging

Read on for a few examples of employee advocacy programs we’ve developed for our clients.

Marketing portal.

Priority Mortgage Marketing Portal

Priority Mortgage Corp. is a mortgage lender based out of Worthington, Ohio. Our team executes a wide range of services to assist with their marketing efforts, including social media management and curation, SEO and blog content strategy, email marketing campaigns, digital and print collateral, and more. 

The MJ2 Marketing team of strategists worked with Priority to develop an internal web page that company employees can use to grab social media content and submit requests for larger design and print materials. Our team designed the web page, created a system to receive and fulfill requests, and maintains the page with current social media graphics on a weekly basis.

This allows Priority to give their mortgage loan originators a platform for employee advocacy but also help maintain that the content is current, accurate, and on brand. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Best of the Best Internal Email Campaigns

Another valuable employee advocacy tool that MJ2 Marketing has developed for clients are monthly newsletters, dubbed Best of the Best emails.

These email campaigns are custom designed for our clients and their brands. Each month, our team of social media specialists hand picks top-performing content to build the newsletter. Buttons are embedded and coded so that recipients can easily click on the content they want to share, and select which social media channel they want to share the content on. 

Other Tips and Things to Consider

These are just a few examples of strategic employee advocacy programs that we custom tailored for our clients. We also wanted to share a few other ideas and things to consider with employee advocacy programs:

  • Add incentives: Incentivizing employees to share and advocate for your brand can help elevate your strategies to the next level. This could be through a rewards system by giving bonuses, commission, SWAG, or other items to top employee advocates. Another simple way to encourage employees is to recognize the ones who are advocates publicly in front of the team or on team newsletters.
  • Create a plan and train your team: You will want to roll out your program with some sort of announcement and explanation as to what is, and why you are doing it. Additionally, you will want to make sure that your team understands the exact steps and methods of how to properly post and share on social media. Not everyone is socially fluent and tech savvy! 

At MJ2 Marketing, we offer a team of blended resources that create the equation for success. Contact us today with questions about starting an employee advocacy program for your team!

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