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22 Digital Marketing Resolutions for 2022

Digital marketing resolutions.

New year’s resolutions are a perfect way to reflect on the previous year and think of ways to make some positive changes for the upcoming year. So we have come up with 22 digital marketing resolutions – in no particular order – to help you make this year the best one yet for your business. 

  1. Follow the data – It can be easy to “go with your gut” when making marketing decisions, but take time to look at the data and make decisions based on what is working now, not what’s always worked in the past.

  2. Be adaptable – Not many things change as quickly as the digital landscape. Ensure your business – and attitude – stays flexible and open to new ways to connect with your audience.

  3. Freshen up – Don’t take last year’s content into the new year. Freshen up your website copy, social imagery, and, yes, even write a few new blog posts.

  4. If you don’t know what SEO is … it’s time to learnSEO is the most viable and cost-effective way to both understand and reach your potential customers in key moments that matter.

  5. Video, video, video – If we have said it once, we have said it a thousand times, video is essential to your content marketing strategy. Don’t be afraid to go Live on Facebook or Instagram, or create Reel. Authentic video can be even more powerful than highly produced video segments.

  6. Update your Google My Business page – These free online listings are an invaluable way to stay front of mind every time someone Googles “near me.” After all, 46% of all Google searches are seeking local information.

  7. Use paid ads – With today’s crowded media landscape, organic awareness isn’t enough. Investing in paid ads will help increase your brand awareness.

  8. Step up your hashtag game – Hashtags can help categorize posts, increase engagement, attract followers to a certain niche, strengthen a brand image and help reach a target audience.

  9. Be helpful – Focus on providing helpful content instead of promotional content. Aim for ⅔ informational and ⅓ promotional to help build credibility with your audience.

  10. Be a better listener – Pay attention to what is important to your audience and provide content that is timely, relevant, and useful.

  11. Be part of the conversation – Don’t just post on social platforms, but be sure to engage with your audience, ask and answer questions, and share insights on your business and industry.

  12. Be personable – Do live videos, or share behind the scene photos to let people see the faces behind your brand.

  13. Take advantage of email marketing – It might be an oldie, but it is certainly still a goodie. Email marketing gives you direct access to your audience’s inbox. Provide interesting and compelling content, and utilize automation to get the right message to the right person.

  14. Make a great first impression – Yes, your website matters…a lot! Make sure that your website is updated, SEO optimized, and responsive. Because if it is not, you likely just lost a customer.

  15. Be reliable – Keeping your content marketing moving can be challenging, but being consistent throughout the year can build vital credibility with your followers.

  16. Embrace LinkedIn – While social media isn’t generally considered to be a sales channel, it’s important not to discount the prospect-generating potential of LinkedIn, especially for companies in the B2B space.

  17. Focus on the user experience – Support your customers across all your channels—social media, email, website, blog, mobile, in-store—in one consistent, integrated experience.

  18. Be creative – Visual content is king in the digital world. Make sure your brand is visually intriguing, current, engaging, and strategic. That’s a tall order, but essential.

  19. Keep your eyes on the prize – Conversions matter most – so whether you are trying to generate sales leads, drive people to your website, or have them engage with your brand on the social platforms, ensure your strategy aligns with the goal.

  20. Tell your story – While you may be trying to ‘sell’ your products or services, most people really want to hear your story. What makes your business tick? Why did you get started doing what you are doing? Who are the people most important to your company? Remember, people like to do business with people they like.

  21. Commit the time – If consistency is key, then so is ensuring you are committing the time to drive your content and digital marketing strategies. Block out time each week or consider outsourcing this part of your marketing efforts.

  22. Have fun – Don’t lose sight of the fact that social media and digital marketing should be F.U.N.!

Need some help fulfilling your 2022 digital marketing resolutions? From strategy to execution, our team of blended resources can either supplement your marketing efforts or act as a full-functioning extension of your business to get the job done. Let’s talk!