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Using Digital Marketing for Recruiting

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Now more than ever, your company’s digital recruitment strategy should be at the top of its game. No matter the size of your company or what industry you work in, your potential applicants are combing websites, scrolling through social media and looking at employer ratings on third-party review sites.

It is essential, then, that companies project a strong employer brand online and engage with potential candidates via social media channels, websites and other digital platforms. Because recruiting is inherently “social,” social media is particularly well-suited to amplify their message, job availability, and leadership in the field.  

With a few key components in place, your company can take advantage of the digital platforms to take your recruiting to the next level. 

Online Branding

Your company website is your online front door, and it is the first impression your prospective applicants will have of your brand. Your prospective employees should like what they see. Does your branding and online presence represent who you are as a company? What you have to offer? Your culture? Your core values? It should.

Recruiting Landing Page

Develop a page on your company website dedicated to recruiting. This will allow you to provide pertinent information on available positions while telling the story of why someone would want to work with your company.

Social Media Campaign

The targeting capabilities on social media make it a great source for attracting the right applicants. Utilize Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to advertise your jobs to the right audience and direct those interested to your Recruiting Landing Page.

Paid Ad Campaign

Facebook ads are critical to the success of your digital marketing efforts, including your digital recruiting efforts. By developing custom audiences in the Facebook Ads platform, you can target those who have recently visited your page or interacted with your content, or expand to include certain demographics, interests, and behaviors to reach your ideal candidate.

MJ2 Client Case Studies 

At MJ2 Marketing, we have assisted several clients with their digital recruitment efforts. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples that have incorporated best practices to get the best results.

Ohio Real Title

Ohio Real Title, a title agency out of Northeast Ohio that has grown to nine branches throughout the state, is known for its immeasurable customer service, relaxed culture and open door policy. While MJ2 provides a full suite of digital marketing services to ORT, this year we have ramped up our digital recruiting efforts, as they are seeing rapid and significant growth and a need for additional team members.

  • We designed a custom, user-based landing page specifically for recruiting.
  • Coordinated a photoshoot with quality team images as well as production videos with team members and the Ohio Real Title President, Ryan Marrie, that relate directly to recruiting.
  • Developed and executed a digital advertising strategy to drive potential recruits to the landing page – including YouTube video advertising, Google Ads, and Facebook and Instagram PPC ads. 

Priority Mortgage Company 

Priority Mortgage proudly serves borrowers out of their office in Worthington, Ohio. Founded in 1984, Priority Mortgage enjoys an unprecedented reputation in the real estate and financial communities. Over 90% of their borrowers are either repeat customers or have been referred by someone they know and trust.

Also in the very busy real estate industry, Priority Mortgage has been faced with the need for additional team members and turned to MJ2 to help with their digital recruiting efforts. 

  • Designed general website content as well as a recruiting-specific landing page
  • Coordinated a photoshoot that yielded candid photos, individuals, and team shots to use on the website and throughout the campaign.
  • Developed and executed a PPC Ad strategy focused on LinkedIn and Facebook, including LinkedIn Message ads.
  • Created content focused on existing loan originator backgrounds, career progress, and the support team at Priority.
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