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Social Media Trends + Predictions for 2021

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You know what we always say, the only constant in digital marketing is change! At MJ2 Marketing we work really hard to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies to help our clients grow their brands on digital and social platforms. So as we (gladly!) say goodbye to 2020, and hit the ground running in 2021, we stopped to take a look at what trends the experts say we can expect to see in the coming year.

Social Media Examiner takes a look at Social Media Marketing Trends for 2021: Predictions From the Pros with  10 top marketing experts sharing their predictions for social media marketing plans for the coming year. From the importance of SEO to your online visibility to the shift to online shopping on Instagram and Facebook, they cover all of the social media platforms. And most importantly, they note that whichever your platform of choice, flexibility, and an authentic personality for your brand is key. 

Looking for ways to ramp up your social media marketing in 2021? Social Media Today shares 10 Social Media Trends to Guide Your Online Strategy in 2021 Infographic. Our key takeaways are (1) Authenticity matters in social media marketing and (2) Consumers research products and services through social media before a purchasing decision is made. 

Hootsuite, the leading social media dashboard, surveyed 11,189 marketers for its report, 2021 Social Trends Will Light the Way. What caught our attention? Brands are turning to social media to recoup lost sales in the wake of the pandemic because it is able to deliver short-term ROI with targeted tactics while building innovative digital experiences that win long-term loyalty. 

Understanding a bit of reflection goes a long way toward setting your future course, Sprout Social looks at 2020 Trends and 2021 Predictions. With consumer expectations shifting in 2020, listening became extremely important to digital marketing success. “We can’t plan for much but we can begin to understand how people are feeling,” says Daniela Vieira from Fluent360. 

If all of these trends and predictions have our head spinning, and not sure what the best strategy is to grow your brand on digital and social platforms, the blended team of resources here at MJ2 Marketing is here to help. Contact us and we would be happy to talk through your goals for the new year and how you can accomplish them through smart marketing.