Facebook Ads | Take Advantage of the Current High Traffic on Facebook


Now is the Time to Take Advantage of Facebook Ads

News Feed Algorithm and Facebook Ads interaction.

Now, more than ever, Facebook ads are critical to the success of your digital marketing efforts. As the nation turns to social distancing, all forms of digital media and internet entertainment are experiencing a surge of users. Facebook in particular, which saw a 9% increase in daily active users in Q4 2019, is expected to see an even higher volume of mobile and desktop users as we head into Q2 2020.

It is an important time for marketers to provide value to their audiences and customers during these challenging times. As Facebook use increases, Facebook Ads are the perfect way to keep your business relevant and in front of your customers’ eyes. Read our tips below for innovative Facebook Ad techniques you should be using today:

Facebook Ads Custom Audiences

If you’ve ever run Facebook Ads for your business, you’ve probably utilized custom audiences. Now is the perfect time to use the features’ capabilities to more accurately target your market. You can run Facebook Ads to anyone who has recently watched certain videos on your page, anyone who has attended one of your events in the past, and anyone who has visited specific pages on your website. This will help you get your active audiences into the top of your sales funnel.

Multiple Text Optimization

Most types of Facebook Ads now offer the ability to include up to five different options for primary text, headlines, and descriptions within your ads, allowing Facebook to automatically show the best combinations to users that are most likely to respond!

Messenger Ads

A recent addition to the Ads platform, Messenger Ads allows you to run ads in the Facebook feed that, when clicked, initiate an inbox message between the user and your brand. Using the Facebook platform you can craft custom replies that will gather a treasure trove of information from your clients, all done automatically. And the best part – once someone has messaged your page, you can run ads directly to their messenger inbox, just like you would send an email newsletter. With more people on Facebook than ever, now is the time to begin building up your list of followers who are active on Messenger, so that you can activate on an interested, engaged audience when the time comes.

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