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A Message from MJ2 Marketing

Supporting each other as we move through crisis is such an important part of our fabric. 

While we understand the impact of the last several weeks has been a trying time for everyone, we are hopeful and KNOW that we will all come out the other side. More optimistic. More empathetic. More knowledgeable. And I hope, more compassionate and kind as a society.

With that being said, in our space of content management, it is important that we provide the right messaging, at the right time. I wanted to share a few key points as we embark on the next several weeks together:

  • MJ2 Marketing has been built on the team approach. Just today, in fact, we met around a crowded lunch table, shared a meal, and talked about each of our accounts as far as content blueprinting for the weekend, and the next several weeks. We all agreed, it is our role to advise our clients when to be timely, when to be useful, when to be empathetic, and most importantly, when to be quiet.

  • Each one of you is uniquely different, as are your targeted personas.  Who you are talking to and what you are talking about needs to be tailored to those audiences.  During critical times, it is important that those messages be solid, factual, unemotional and competent on behalf of your brand. 
  • Now is the time to educate your audience. NOW MORE THAN EVER.  While we are not trying to exploit the social media audiences, they want and need to be educated.  This is the right time to offer solid tips and those services that will be purposeful and useful.

We thank you for leaning on us, and hope that we have been a source of calm and comfort during this time.  We will come out the other side, and we look forward to getting through this together.

Megan James

Megan James