Google Ads - 5 Reasons to Add Them to Your Digital Marketing Strategy


5 Reasons to Add Google Ads to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

An online advertising program, Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) allows you to create ads to reach audiences that are interested in the products and services you offer. That sounds a lot like many other forms of paid ads, so why Google? 

Google has actually transcended its own brand and now holds a place in the lexicon of popular culture, as well as in the Merriam Webster Dictionary as a verb. There are 2+ TRILLION searches each year on Google, which equates to 5 BILLION searches each DAY. The fact is that when people have a question, they ask Google (or sometimes Alexa).  Among those 5 billion searches each day are people looking for solutions to problems that your business can offer. 

If you are not convinced that a paid ads campaign via Google Ads deserves a line item in your marketing budget, read these five key points that should change your mind. 

  1. Reaches people when they are looking for you. Your potential customer is literally typing what they want into Google, so your ad is targeting them at the moment in which they have the highest intent to buy or at least learn more. Your pay-per-click (PPC) ad will only populate based on keywords and other criteria that you select, and you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad.
  2. Provides a level playing field. Even small businesses – in fact, especially small businesses – can benefit from Google Ads because the platform allows you to compete with big companies that have big budgets. Whether looking for e-commerce purchases or contact form submissions, PPC ads help 45% of small businesses compete. You can target based on geography and keywords, and start with a budget as small as $500 per month. Don’t be surprised if after seeing the effectiveness of Google Ads that you choose to increase that budget!
  3. Tracks your performance and ROAI. While the benefit of all forms of digital marketing is that the return on advertising investment can be tracked more effectively and accurately than more traditional forms of advertising, Google Ads takes this a step further. With PPC ads, you can track clickthrough rate, ad spend, and conversion rate on landing pages to determine profitability from your Google Ads. Armed with this data you can either choose to invest more or pause the campaign with the click of a button.
  4. Targets customers throughout the buyer’s journey. With Google Ads, you can target your potential customers at various stages of the sales funnel, depending on your keywords. Broad search terms can capture them in the early stage of the buying process, while long-tail keywords help you capture the attention of people who are looking for exactly what you offer when they have a high intent to buy.
  5. Complements your SEO. Quality search engine optimization remains the foundation for a robust digital presence, and Google Ads is the perfect complement to the long-term maintenance it requires. The conversion process associated with SEO is longer and more difficult to measure. While Google Ads are not a silver bullet, they can get you results much faster than many other marketing tactics.

While anyone can create a Google Ads campaign, the fact is that they can be complicated and challenging to master. When done properly, however, they can yield significant results. Set it and forget it does not work. Rather, you must continuously monitor and adjust your campaign to realize the most conversions from it. 

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