5 Predictions in 2020 to Keep Your Digital Marketing Humming Along…


5 Predictions in 2020 to Keep Your Digital Marketing Humming Along…

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No doubt the landscape changes daily in the digital world. Our MJ2 Marketing team takes pride in conducting weekly sessions that allow us to share the latest news and trends with one another, and to collaborate to determine if and how they might be used for our clients. By listening to “Marketing Greats” in our space, like Michael Stelzner and Mari Smith, we work to understand which trends are here to stay, and which might be a quick fad that ultimately will not provide value for our clients. 

As we prepare for the new year, here are our 5 things that we will focus on with our clients in 2020 to ensure they have a digital marketing advantage:

1. Paid ads across a variety of social platforms

Where does ad placement make sense for each client? Which platform offers the lowest CPC? Is that ad spend a worthwhile investment for the client? What is the true ROAS? If the following chart doesn’t make sense, call us!

5 Predictions in 2020

2. Avoiding “death by stale website”

Any brand that is not representing themselves online, has a stale or outdated website, offers a poor user experience, or poorly ranked content (yuck), may start to alienate their current and future customer bases. Your online presence should be representative of your brand, and show the world just how awesome you really are. If you haven’t updated your web presence in the last two years, IT IS TIME. 

3. Quality social content, design, and images

You already know that the content that you produce on your website and social platforms is what helps your audience find you. At MJ2, we have that nailed. The social world of thumb-stopping videos is not only a “nicety”, it is a necessity to gain the organic feed and get views. We have invested in testimonial marketing video tools, have amped up our production video team, and are looking at new tools to infuse into our content curation on behalf of our clients to take their digital marketing to the next level.

(Announcements on our new tools is coming soon – there are so many great ones to choose from that we are taking our time selecting those that will be the most powerful… but they are coming!)

Movable Content Gif

4. Tap swipe (wow). Tap swipe (wow). 

Stories on Facebook and Instagram are here to stay – and brands should be a part of them. They take time, creativity and a good eye towards your audience for them to resonate on behalf of a brand. But, it’s where younger demographics hang out, so your goal should be to become REALLY good at stories in 2020!

digital marketing trends

5. Search. Search. Search.

What are you searching for? Hopefully a great SEO firm. MJ2 has invested in some amazing talent to add to our staff in 2020 to help you with some sound, strategic and affordable SEO tactics. If you are not good at “google”, you need to get started.

Our list could easily turn into 10 or 20 things, but hopefully this got you thinking. If any of this is keeping you up at night, give us a holler! We are happy to sit down and talk through a plan that would work best for your brand.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Megan James