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What a difference a new website can make! 

Before and After: Canal Fulton Provision

Canal Fulton Provision was operating with a website that was built on a shoestring budget 16 years ago … yikes! The website did not match the level of service or quality provided by Canal Fulton, nor did it reflect the company’s brand. Lacking functionality, including a way for clients to place orders or review products, the website actually resulted in an increase in administrative tasks for the front office. 

The MJ2 Web Development Team conducted a half-day site visit to observe Canal Fulton’s processes to determine the best design for their new site. The result is a website created with updated imagery and language that better represents them as a professional food-service partner.

And the best part? We’ve developed a Progressive Web App, allowing customers to place orders from a desktop or mobile device using all the features that would be available using a native mobile app!