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MJ2 Launches New Branded Video Testimonial Tool

Video Testimonial Tool, Bounce, makes video marketing easy for companies, brands and customers

Harness the power of branded video testimonial content with Bounce, a one-stop video marketing tool by MJ2 Marketing. Once considered to be a small piece of a company’s overall marketing strategy, a video revolution has made it a necessary component of a brand’s outreach, ad campaigns and, particularly, social strategy.

Bounce provides a simple, quick and cost-effective way for companies to drive social shares, increase visibility, build trust with an audience and convert customers. MJ2 Marketing, a digital marketing company based in Dublin, launched Bounce this month. The video marketing tool is an exclusive offering in the Columbus market.

“Staying current with marketing trends is important to us, and video content is the next necessity for all companies and brands,” says Megan James, president of MJ2 Marketing. “There’s nothing more valuable than real people sharing their stories about how your product or service makes their lives better.”

Bounce makes it easy for companies to create branded video testimonials in just seconds. Using the service, companies can “bounce” an invitation to record a video testimonial into a customer’s email inbox directly after a service or sale. Using their computer, tablet or mobile device, the customer can record a quick video sharing their experience with the company.  For the customer, it’s as easy as taking a selfie and hitting send. Bounce automatically adds the company’s branding, music and a call to action to the video, and it’s ready to share.

Research shows that Generation Z prefers video over all other social and online content, including still photographs and shared content. A Diode Digital study shows that video is considered to be 600% more effective than print advertising and direct mail combined. And 91% of consumers ages 18-34 say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, according to a consumer review survey by agency BrightLocal.

“The data shows that testimonial video is believable and authentic, and Bounce offers a way for companies to gain authentic content before, during or after point of sale,” James says. “This is organic content you will own.”

MJ2 offers various Bounce packages. With a Get Started package, companies can open a Bounce account for $100 per month, and purchase credits to cover a per-video cost of $75. MJ2 offers consultation and training to help companies integrate Bounce videos into their marketing plan. Discounts are available for purchases of 5, 10 or more videos, and companies only pay for approved videos. A free trial of Bounce is available.

With a Full Service package MJ2 can implement and run the Bounce program for local companies, helping to integrate video graphics and motion into the marketing strategy and curating the video asset on social media networks and email. Contact MJ2 for pricing details.

MJ2 is a full digital marketing agency with a video marketing division and a video production team. The agency uses cutting-edge technology and platforms to tell a brand’s story, offering everything from preproduction to editing services.

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About MJ2 Marketing: MJ2 Marketing specializes in finding unique, effective ways to help brands discover their niche through digital and social channels. As a full-service marketing agency, the highly experienced team offers a solid background ranging from social media and digital marketing, direct mail, graphic design, web design, and more. The MJ2 team fully understands the intricacies of digital and content marketing, and brings a cohesive and unified approach to meeting client deliverables with solid content techniques, excellent writing, and the right tools to help increase brand awareness through a strong digital footprint.