Here is Why Your Brand is Better Than Canva


Your Brand is Better than Canva


Our world is a visual world and graphic design is visual communication.  Your designs speak to who you are as a brand and, let’s be honest, they should say “I’m Awesome!” (Which is why your brand is better than Canva).
Visual content is not an afterthought

  • Facebook posts with images see 37% more engagements than those without images
  • People can recall 65% of visual content that they see almost three days later  
  • People share infographics 3x more than any other type of content
  • Articles with images get 94% more views


Great design goes further than just aesthetics.

Art with a purpose
Professional design is the combination of art and technology.  If designs are how brands speak to their audience, it is important that the message is clear.  While graphic design websites – like Canva – allow you to make a beautiful graphic, a professional designer makes one that looks beautiful but also conveys a specific message in a specific way, to a specific audience. It creates a visceral connection between your audience and your company.

Make your brand memorable
We live in a visual world. Brand consistency is key to stand out among the clutter.  Strong brands have strong visual identities and integrated visual content that is consistent across all platforms and media types.  This strategic and consistent use of specific design elements – fonts, colors, and space – associated with your brand allow people to connect images back to you even if there is not specific messaging being conveyed.  

A consistent design philosophy is key to branding your business.

Great design converts
Yes, there is a difference between Canva and professional design .. and your potential clients can see it.  The value of a professional designer to your brand far outweighs the possible savings gained from the use of a graphic design website.  Visual content is ruling the digital space, and high-quality, well planned graphics are the way forward for brands in terms of future-ready digital marketing. Is there a place for Canva? Maybe, but don’t let it trap you into settling for mediocrity because it is inexpensive and quick – your brand is worth more than that.
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