Digital Marketing Trends To Help Your Business Grow in 2019


Four Digital Marketing Trends To Help Your Business Grow in 2019

Digital Marketing Trends

Whether it’s SEO, digital ads, email marketing, or social media, there are many different tactics that businesses can use to their advantage. We will take a look at a few Digital Marketing trends that are crucial if your business aims to be effective and thrive in the new year.

1. Local and Micro-influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is not a new concept. However, most think about it as having a big-time celebrity like Kim Kardashian or Lebron James endorse your product. In 2019, it will be important to think about local influencers.
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We’ve seen influencer marketing work here in Columbus, Ohio with food and lifestyle bloggers. The key is to think strategically about your key target audiences; what type of content are they consuming and which users do they follow to get their information?

2. Focus on Instagram

Believe it or not, Generation Z will account for 40% of all consumers by 2020. What does this mean for your marketing strategy? You need to find them where they are. This generation will not be finding your business on their desktop computers. They are partial to mobile-friendly apps like Instagram.
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Marketers can appeal to Gen-Z through personalized, authentic marketing and Instagram. Instagram Stories are great ways to achieve both of these tactics. Tip: don’t be afraid to boost your company values and use storytelling to appeal to this group.

3. Video Marketing

Video marketing will remain full steam ahead in 2019. Videos are opportunities for your brand to create user experiences and implement effective storytelling. Just take a look at a few of the numbers:

  • 75% of online traffic is video
  • 79% of people would rather watch video content than read the content
  • Videos generate 1200% more shares than images or text on social

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Live video is still a key trend and strategy. Facebook and Instagram Live have proven to be effective, and grab the attention of your audience to tune into something that feels unique and urgent. They are also a great way to appeal to the human side of your brand.

4. Chatbots

Chatbot technology is continually evolving and improving. The new year is a great time to jump in and at a minimum, test the waters.
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Chatbots can be used to help with customer service and quick responses, something that the younger generations value. The key is to program the Chatbot to be authentic and a direct reflection of your brand.
They are also useful in answering common questions your consumers or audience may have about your products and services. We recommend starting small with Chatbots and expanding where possible.

How Can We Help You In 2019?

As you plan for the coming year, placing a high importance on your digital marketing strategy is wise. Your business growth and goals can be achieved digitally with proper planning. Not sure where to start? Schedule a strategy session with our team of experts today.