MJ2 Marketing Client Case Study: Ohio Real Title Company


Case Study: Ohio Real Title

Ohio Real Title

In less than two months, the MJ2 team managed to meet with our potential new partner,  Ohio Real Title, and take their marketing, branding, and online digital presence to a whole new level. MJ2 completed a full web redesign that now accurately reflects the high level of service provided by Ohio Real Title.  So, how did we do it?
The Challenge:
When Ohio Real Title approached the MJ2 team, their website was outdated and simply didn’t reflect the quality of work they produce.In addition, their strategy for social marketing needed some attention.  In order to better reach their audience, Ohio Real Title was in need of a strategic digital plan. But first, MJ2 guided Ohio Real Title through a creative branding process to help elevate their look and feel and make them more approachable in the digital realm. MJ2 also developed moodboards, style guides, and other marketing materials. The web redesign process came smoothly thereafter. The MJ2 design team presented Ohio Real Title with two different styles, and began developing the chosen design immediately.
The MJ2 Effect:
Ohio Real Title’s new branding successfully captures their relaxed culture and open door policy. Similarly, the MJ2 web development team paid special attention to enhanced navigation, simplified hierarchy and new embedded forms within the website. The new website reflects their high level of service, and presents clients with valuable information in an easy-to-find manner.
Added Bonus:
MJ2’s Social Media Specialists are taking Ohio Real Title’s digital presence to new heights with engaging content and strategic posts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. In addition, MJ2 writers have been busy creating informational blogs highlighting trends in the industry to further engage the community.
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