Is it Time for a New Website?


Is it Time for a New Website?

Does your website take forever to load? Are the images and design outdated? Is it difficult to navigate? Has your branding changed? Do you want to rank higher for SEO? If so, it may be time for a new website. Our web design and development team is ready to help you achieve your goals and make you look better.

From Stale to Stellar

Chances are a lot has happened since your last redesign, and your flashy new website is starting to look drab. Adobe reports that over 80% of users said they will bounce if a website looks outdated.
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Stay Competitive in Your Market

In 2017, 58% of small and medium-sized businesses invested in website overhauls or upgrades. That number is likely to grow in 2018, so it is crucial to critically evaluate your website and determine how you stack up.
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Make Your Website Faster and Easier to Navigate

Your website has the unique opportunity to directly impact your user experience, and your sales. If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you are probably losing customers. And a website that is not mobile friendly? Bounce!
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