Internship at MJ2 Marketing — Valuable Lessons and Skill Sets


MJ2 Marketing internship — Valuable Lessons and Skill Sets

MJ2 Marketing internship

Below is a blog post written by MJ2 Summer Intern, Mackenzie James

My name is Mackenzie James, and I recently graduated from the University of Dayton with a degree in Early Childhood Education. Although my future career path will involve teaching elementary aged children, I have taken away many valuable lessons and skill sets from my MJ2 Marketing internship.
Among other things, the MJ2 Marketing internship has taught me how to hold myself personally accountable for deadlines, some different approaches to take when utilizing social media, and how to work with a diverse group of people of all ages with different skill sets. I have especially enjoyed working alongside my Mom, CEO Megan James, and being able to witness her creativity, determination, and flexibility. Not only is she an incredible mom, but she is also an amazing business owner.
What I have enjoyed most during my internship has been working with the Face Forward, AIA Ohio, and Dublin Community Foundation teams. With Face Forward, I have had the opportunity to attend and cover the 2018 Seminarian Bike Tour and follow the seminarians to different schools in the diocese, run booths at the parish festivals, and attend CYSC for an immersion into what it’s like to be a Catholic youth. With AIA, I have reached out to over 200 members collecting quotes and testimonials. Finally, with the Dublin Community Foundation, I have had the opportunity to attend the beam raising ceremony and bring more awareness on social media to all that the foundation does for the people of Dublin.
Working for MJ2 Marketing has opened my eyes to all the work that goes on behind the scenes of a brand, and I am so glad that I was able to get a glimpse into the marketing world. Thank you to MJ2 Marketing for a great summer opportunity!
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