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MJ2 Internship – Learning Every Step of the Way

Below is a blog post written by MJ2 Summer Intern, Aubrey Jones.

With an eye and enthusiasm for all things social media, the world of marketing is something that’s always intrigued me. This summer I’ve had the awesome opportunity of interning with MJ2 Marketing. Having just graduated from Dublin Coffman in late May, I came into this internship excited to learn and grow. The MJ2 team has guided me through the learning process, and even gone as far to trust me with the freedom of executing my own fresh ideas. With some assistance and direction, I have been able to design and execute my own product photo sets and even order new kinds of props, like a felt board to experiment. The support and encouragement of the MJ2 staff accompanied my learning every step of the way. Over the past month I’ve been able to significantly develop my photographic eye and editing skills through shooting products for sale at Timeless Skin Solutions, as well as and Trinity Homes’ inventory homes.
Through this internship I have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge of Influencer Marketing. Having been an influencer for Zest Juice Co., I was already very familiar with the influencer’s side. However, this summer I was able to experience it from the business side. I’ve come to learn the essential benefits of influencer marketing, and have aided in searching for, and building teams of, influencers for MJ2
In the fall, I will start my Freshman year at Miami University, majoring in International Studies and Communications. Being able to immerse myself in the workforce and participate in such a hands on learning atmosphere is an experience that I will be able to carry with me into college. With the knowledge and overall understanding of the marketing world that I have acquired from my MJ2 internship, I will be better equipped to find and develop my passions in my field of study.