MJ2 Internship — Content and Influencer Marketing


MJ2 Internship — Immersion in Content and Influencer Marketing

MJ2 Internship

Below is a blog post written by MJ2 Summer Intern, Carly Wolfe.

Four weeks ago, I started my MJ2 Internship in Dublin, Ohio. Just like any other “first day” I felt nervous and anxious, but was also incredibly excited. In fact, there were times when I felt all three of those emotions at once.
Now, reflecting almost a month later, the only feeling that is still lingering is excitement! Each day at work I am doing something a little different; this is no place for monotony. One day, I might be roaming in the Short North District and Goodale Park, taking pictures and videos to capture the life of a typical downtown Columbus resident. The next, I might be in the office brainstorming a list of ideas for social media posts.
Working at MJ2 has not only allowed me to immerse myself in content and influencer marketing, but more importantly, the company has allowed me to feel comfortable to share ideas and embrace my creativity. I have learned that even though my original idea may not be used as the final idea, it could have helped inspire coworkers’ ideas, creating a positive collaborative environment.
Working in such a productive and positive environment has made me feel free to think out loud, continually building upon my thoughts and ideas, and frequently asking questions to challenge myself.
With a team as personable and empowering as MJ2, I have not only grown as a marketer in the short amount of time I have worked here, but more importantly I have grown as a young-professional.   
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