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MJ2 Internship – Cooperation, Productivity, and Openness

Below is a blog post written by MJ2 Summer Intern, Drew Vian.

While it was only about a month ago that I started my experience as an intern at MJ2 Marketing, the amount that I have learned as an aspiring professional in the world of digital marketing has been incredible. More importantly, in my short time here I have developed meaningful relationships with all members of our team and seen the formidable value in a family-like work environment.
I wasn’t quite sure what to expect coming into my first experience working in the field that I want to dive into professionally. I was extremely nervous but also very excited to understand what MJ2 was all about and to challenge myself to make a successful impact on this agency. From the very first team meeting, it was made clear to me that I would be treated on the same professional level as everyone at MJ2. This attitude has given me a great amount of confidence and has made me comfortable sharing my ideas knowing that they are taken seriously and constructively. There is always a sense of cooperation, productivity, and openness that makes coming in every week exciting and fresh.
On top of the positive environment, MJ2 has introduced me to a wide range of work opportunities that have been invaluable to my future career as a marketer. Whether I’m doing influencer research, communicating with clients, shooting GoPro footage on a zip line, or editing videos, each day brings with it an opportunity for me to develop a new skill or go through a new experience. Although I have not yet completed my internship, I can already confidently say that I have learned more in these past few weeks than I have from any college course.
My appreciation for MJ2 and the position that I’m in on this team goes beyond words. I will always look back proudly at my time here — and I’m excited to bring my experiences with me as I wander my way through post-grad life and the world of digital marketing.