Facebook Announces Major Change To News Feed Algorithm in 2018


Facebook Announces First Major Change To News Feed Algorithm in 2018

News Feed Algorithm and Facebook Ads interaction.

Just twelve days into 2018 and big changes are already coming down the pike. One week ago Mark Zuckerberg pledged to make sure time on Facebook was well spent. Yesterday, Zuckerberg announced the first in a series of steps to make good on that pledge: News Feed changes.
In a Facebook post announcing the change, Zuckerberg notes that the focus for 2018 will be to make the platform more personal. In a nutshell, Facebook hopes to increase the amount of posts shown from friends and family, and to ensure that Facebook posts – whether from businesses or from your friends—“encourage meaningful interactions between people.”
In order to continue to build brand awareness and engagement on the social communities that we manage at MJ2, we will be continuing to encourage brand participation, increasing engaging and live video content, and stressing the importance of the Facebook ad platform. In addition, we expect that in the coming days the frequency of posts will begin to be less important than the quality of the content, and the way it engages the Facebook audience.
The specifics of the changes are not yet clear, but it is likely we will begin to see these changes roll out within the next 30 days. As always, we will continue to monitor the news coming out of the Facebook campus, as well as the data reported in our analytics in order to best serve our clients.
— Megan James
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