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Digital Demand: Building a Totally Custom New Website

Custom New Website

The management team at Everhart Advisors had a problem: their website was stale and certainly did not illustrate a true indication of their brand.  They knew what they wanted to say, just not how to say it. For business owners, a custom new website is a laborious undertaking that feels, at times, endless. However, the process can be rewarding. You get to think about how you really want your business to be represented on the web and then shepherd that vision from idea to reality.
Our unique approach started with a power branding session that truly encapsulated who Everhart Advisors is—positioning them correctly to tell their story through print and web. We partnered with Karen Scholl to better craft their message and carefully chose words that would resonate and encompass the true essence of the brand. With the leadership team section being the most visited aspect of the current site, we knew the website had to have a key storyline from the top down.
Custom images and video was the next step in order to personalize the brand.  We had a full day (and entertaining) shoot on-site with the entire firm on hand.

Our videographer shot movement for a truly unique “above the fold” experience, and the custom images were shot by Annie Ciotola—amazing work!
Custom New Website
The build-out of the custom new website needed to focus on simple design, but include several home page call-outs to help with a hierarchical click pattern for the full user experience. The MJ2 Marketing Web Development team worked through two final design concepts, with the “chosen one” really nailing the messaging.
When this vision finally launched, we all felt like celebrating! The custom new website design represents exactly how we wanted Everhart Advisors to be perceived.
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