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Visual Storytelling Tips

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There is no question that visual storytelling has become an essential piece in successful marketing. Stories have power. They capture our attention and take us away from our own world for a moment. They draw in audiences and build relationships. But what is visual storytelling? And how can you utilize it in a powerful way to benefit your business and brand?
Visual storytelling is the process of using video, images, interactive and movable content to say something. Effective visual storytelling has become a necessity, particularly in social media marketing. One study predicted that visual marketing would take up 74 percent of all internet traffic this year. The increasing success of Instagram stories and Facebook live also indicates that visual storytelling and content is rapidly becoming king.
With so many businesses flocking over to visual marketing, it can be difficult to cut through all the clutter. Here are a few different types of visual storytelling you can use to benefit your social media marketing strategy.

Graphics Interchange Format, or GIFs, can be used to add humor or personality to your brand. You can find GIFs to use here for fun, lighter posts about things like “Happy Friday.” You can also create your own GIFs to create compelling, movable content that will make your posts stand out amongst the clutter.

Facebook Live
Going live on Facebook is a great way to engage your audience and give people a sneak peak into your business and brand. When you go live, the video is more likely to appear on the newsfeeds of your followers. A few great ideas for live videos include tips about your industry, conducting a Q&A with your followers, or simply giving an exclusive look of your office.
MJ2 Facebook Live
Instead of writing a lengthy post with data about why your product is great, create infographics to say the same thing visually. Your audience will be more likely to “read” through the information and images in an infographic and they may be more inclined to share it with others.
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Audience Generated Images
One of the best ways to gain engagement on your posts is to recycle what your audience, consumers, or customers post or submit. Ask your followers to tag your business and share photos of your product. Then use these images to share on your platform. This visual content is not only authentic, but also makes your customers feel appreciated and more attached to your brand.

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