Images and Movement Make all the Difference in a Web Re-Brand


Images and Movement Make all the Difference in a Website Re-Brand

Today we descended on a team of 401K advisors to grab new images for a website rebrand. Everhart Advisors came to MJ2 several months ago wanting new brand language, and an image to match.
In order to best amplify the new brand language, we directed and choreographed a photoshoot with Anne Ciotola Photography and our videographer, Dean Lawson.

To best facilitate the morning and all 25 Everhart team members from two markets, a detailed shot list was provided to choreograph the morning. The shot list was sent with details on outfits, and office shots so Everhart could get their new offices together prior to our arrival. Moveable content was shot for home page web use.
Despite the rain, the morning went off without a hitch. All Everhart team members were very prepared and patient.  In about a month we will have the finished website. What do you think so far?