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Dublin and MJ2 Marketing Welcome Cameron Mitchell and Cap City Diner

Cap City Diner Dublin and MJ2 Marketing

Cap City Diner opens today in the new Bridge Park area of Dublin. Our team has been watching and discussing the opening for months, so to be selected to participate in the soft opening was fantastic – and we earned it through a social promotion on Instagram!
Our team actively participates in the various social networks and noticed their lunch giveaway on Instagram. Content Strategist Lisa Moore followed the rules and commented, tagging colleagues of our agency. We happen to know a thing or two about Instagram contests, but mostly from the promotional side.  MJ2 runs monthly Instagram contests on behalf of many of our brands.
Cap City Diner Dublin
Cap City pulled out all the stops for us!  We enjoyed an amazing lunch on Friday, July 7th, sampling several dishes including their signature meatloaf which was a favorite by all. And what’s a free lunch without a few drinks!  Included in our day were some interesting cocktails, a delicious margarita and a super delicious Bourbon + Water. That sounds simple, but the combination and presentation will bring us back, for sure. (Working MJ2 staff meeting next week, anyone?)
It was an afternoon full of fun and karma for us. We saw several of our favorite clients, whom we consult on social and content strategy on a monthly basis. Our server was also a friend of one of our kids who is in a gap year while he stockpiles some tips to earn his way through medical school. A well-trained and wonderful server!
Thank you to Cameron Mitchell Restaurants and Cap City Dublin. Welcome to our area and look for our team and families to be frequent visitors of your latest establishment.