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Let’s Get Funny for the Money

Red Nose Day was launched in 1988 and since then has evolved into a powerful movement raising over $1 billion dollars through entertainment. The mission? To end child poverty, one red nose at a time. Each year, comedians, celebrities and people from around the globe come together to laugh and have a little fun under the common goal of helping children in need.  
At MJ2 Marketing, we couldn’t help but get involved in this incredible cause, especially because many of us have children of our own and can sympathize to those in need. This year, our team members have challenged each other to the “Shirt of Hurt” contest. Fellow co-workers will  wear a “Shirt of Hurt” that is a t-shirt or jersey of a rival team in order to raise money from their friends and team fans in honor of cause.  Our leadership team is sure to be sporting Olentangy High School and Dublin Coffman Lacrosse apparel.
We didn’t want to leave our clients out of all the fun, so we’ve challenged them to Get Funny For The Money by taking silly photos with their red noses on. The client with the funniest photo will win a night at The Funny Bone and a donation to the Red Nose Foundation in their name.
Here’s a look at some of the creative ideas our clients came up with last year!
Join in on the fun, get your red nose on, and don’t forget to use #RedNoseDay.