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Covering Events The MJ2 Way

OSANA Spring Conference 2017

Tradeshows and conferences are a great way to captivate an audience on social media. In April, we had the opportunity to cover the OSANA Spring 2017 Conference for our client Ohio State Association of Nurse Anesthetists (OSANA). Below is a step-by-step recap of how we covered this project the MJ2 way.
The brainstorming process for this project started at the end of last year. Our team identified the  importance of getting OSANA’s members involved to further the organization’s mission, which sparked the #IWill campaign. Our vision was to create a video booth where participants of the conference would have the opportunity to share their future efforts to support OSANA. This idea, along with unique creative design developed exclusively for the conference, was presented to the client.

  • Blogs: Leading up to the conference, our writing team worked with the client to produce valuable information about the conference which was posted to the blog weekly.
  • Social media: We utilized social media to strategically capture our targeted audience for this event. This plan included posting to all social media accounts and using the official event hashtag when applicable.
  • Email: Our graphics and content team designed an email that was later sent to all members prior to the conference.
  • Design: We continued to implement the unique conference design theme to show consistency on social media, the OSANA blog and in our print designs which would be displayed at the conference. In addition, we created a Snapchat filter for the event.  


  • Attend and support: Our team attended the board meeting which kicked off the conference. We had several team members involved with support throughout the event, both at the conference and at our offices.
  • Booth: Our video booth consisted of a branded backdrop, photography lighting and professional camera equipment. One by one, students, board members and CRNAs shared their plan to support OSANA’s mission by pledging in the #IWill Campaign. 

  • Facebook Live and Periscope coverage: Live coverage on Facebook and Twitter was key to engaging with OSANA’s followers.
  • Live Posting: Throughout the conference, we kept followers from all of OSANA’s social networks updated via live Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter posts. Each MJ2 team member at the conference was monitoring and managing each of the accounts to make this possible. Additionally, we had a command center of support monitoring and assisting on the social accounts back at the office when necessary.
  • Photography and video: Besides the #IWill campaign videos, our team took photos and videos of the event itself. Getting photos and videos of the conference is a great way to have engaging content that members can interact with throughout the day and in future posts.

On the days after the conference, our team has focused on editing photos and videos taken by our team and videographer. All videos have been uploaded to the client’s YouTube page, as well as natively on all social media accounts. Sharing all the content we created is a great way to keep the excitement rolling into the weeks and months after the event and helps members get more involved with their organization.
Finally, we conduct a post-event review with the client. This meeting usually takes place in person and we review event statistics and discuss plans for future events.
We find that covering client events by following this process and utilizing our entire support team has been successful. For more information about how we cover client events the MJ2 way, stay tuned on our blog.