Website Tips | How You Can Take Your Website from Stale to Steller


How To Take Your Website From Stale To Stellar

In today’s World Wide Web, nearly everyone can own and manage their own website. But there are several key factors that allow the winners to rise to the top. Make your website a success by following a few simple tips.

Get Rid Of Clutter

Trying to cram a lot of information into your website can seem like a good idea, but it is possible to take things too far. Too much content in a given page can make it congested and difficult to read, causing users to feel frustrated. For optimal usability, make sure to trim your content down to only what is essential for your reader. For an even better web experience, try to understand the F-Layout and apply it to your site.

Make The Most Of Imagery

Just like a magazine or brochure, images and graphics can make or break a website. When choosing images for your site, be sure that they are relevant, high quality, and fit the overall tone of the website. Try to include at least one image per page, and avoid stretching or distorting images to make them fit – this will only make your site look unprofessional.

Keep Navigation Simple

Except in very unique situations, your users aren’t looking for a website they have to explore to find information they need. Too much ambiguity or complexity in your navigation can cause users to become frustrated and leave your site. Instead of “mystery meat” navigation, opt for a few clearly labeled pages – at least on the top level.

Use Up-To-Date Technology

Modern, up-to-date technology can make the difference between a successful site and one that users quickly bounce to another, more intriguing site.  It is important to stay current with all web design and development trends, and to carefully evaluate which are necessary for the success of your website. A few rules of thumb are to always use clean and valid HTML5/CSS3 code, to follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, and to ensure compatibility with all internet-enabled devices.

Web design and development is an ever changing field, but by following the tips above, and making sure to stay up-to-date to any industry changes, you can keep your website current and relevant to your audience.