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5 Tips for a Stellar Facebook Live

Like millions of other users, you have probably seen Facebook Live streams in your news feed—(the giraffe finally had her baby!) Video has rapidly been taking over the social media world as movement engages most audiences more than written content.

According to Facebook, its video viewership doubled from 4 billion views per day to 8 billion views per day in a period of seven months; showing us that video is trending and isn’t going anywhere. Following this trend, Facebook has provided us with Facebook Live, a streaming service that has been taking video-sharing to the next level—without having to break the bank on video equipment and editing software. The following tips will help you create a Facebook Live stream that your followers will never forget.

1. Announce you’re going live

Facebook Live is a great way for brands to spread the word in an appealing and interactive way. However, if no one knows there is a live video coming up, who is going to see it? Whether it’s posting on your timeline, sending a quick email,  or creating a Facebook event, make a plan to promote your live streams ahead of time to ensure a strong turnout.

2. Pick a compelling video topic

When creating your Facebook Live plan, it’s important to decide whether you want to share information, educate, entertain, or inspire your users. On an article for Social Media Examiner, Alex Khan shared five live video topics people are interested in watching: personal stories, behind-the-scenes, Q&As, giveaways, and sneak peeks. In addition, covering events through live video is a great way to show the audience what your company has been up to, as well as letting them be part of it.

3. Share the best content in the beginning

While it might feel like second nature to save the best for last, when doing Facebook Live, the first few minutes are the most important. The goal is to engage the audience as soon as possible so that they continue to watch the video, engage with it, share it with their friends, and come back for future streams.

4. Include perks for your viewers

Everyone loves freebies and games so why not add them to your Facebook Live  streams? A great way to get users to participate is to give out a prize; this could be for best question, highest number of post shares/likes or even a random comment pick. In addition, sharing a keyword with your audience and having them write it in the comments is a great way to get them engaged and increase their time spent viewing.

5. Re-share your Facebook Live session

Live video opens the door to valuable engagement, in-the-moment feedback and potential virality. However, not everyone will always be able to watch your streams as they are happening. It’s important to continue sharing your Facebook Live session even after it’s done, this way layers of engagement can be added to the existing interactions.
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