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Mobile App Brings Understanding to the Catholic Faith

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MJ2 Marketing is excited to announce the launch of our first mobile App that is officially LIVE. Developed for the Office of Vocations for the Diocese of Columbus, our client since 2009, this free app contains valuable information for Catholics right at your fingertips.

The Face Forward mobile app contains features such as the Verse of the Day – a daily bible verse, Pray for Priests – a prayer for vocations with a highlighted priest from the Diocese of Columbus, Care for the Common Home – statistics relating to Pope Francis’ first encyclical that connects caring of the natural world with justice for the poorest and most vulnerable people, Saint of the Day and our Face Forward Blog.

The Office of Vocations recognized the importance of being able to reach young Catholics where they are, and that place is on their mobile devices. 73% of kids between the ages of 5-19 years old are connected within an hour of waking up. We wanted to give them something meaningful to read when they powered up.

Discerning a vocation and what God is calling you to do can be a long journey full of many questions. Having information to access quickly to aid in the discernment process is invaluable. Our new app provides just that.
Face Forward will continue to add fresh and relevant content to the app daily with the goal of getting users to come back day-to-day for new offerings. With the repeat visits and usage of the app, we hope our users will gain more love, knowledge and understanding about the Catholic faith and clarity on what it is God is calling them to do.

The Face Forward app is available now in the App store. Stay tuned as MJ2 continues to roll out new and exciting apps for our clients.