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Case Study – Lyn Roe

The Client

Lyn Roe, a start-up fashion company, needed a website for their new line of denim jeans. Company executives wanted to make a splash in the denim industry with their revolutionary, shape enhancing, vintage inspired jeans. They asked that their new website tell the story of their innovative denim line and be full of quality features that spoke to the high fashion enthusiast as well as the everyday denim lover.

The Challenge

The fashion industry is not just about clothes – it is about a lifestyle. Therefore, it was pivotal to Lyn Roe that MJ2 developed a site that told the story of not only their one-of-a-kind denim jeans, but also the confident, empowered women who wear them. MJ2 was tasked with creating a site that would stand out, tell a story, and also allow for a successful, branded B2C e-commerce online store.

The MJ2 Effect

Our web designers sat down with the Lyn Roe founders to listen, learn, and collaborate on the overall brand and identity of Lyn Roe and their vintage jeans. Additionally, Lyn Roe communicated their vision of the look and feel of the website. This allowed for the MJ2 team to develop a website that was sophisticated, sleek, and told the Lyn Roe story. The Lyn Roe website was launched in mid November 2016. The final product is a truly visually appealing site that communicates a story and drives users to shop Lyn Roe.
Lyn Roe Website