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How To Use LinkedIn Effectively

Linkedin Tips

LinkedIn is not necessarily the first social media network that comes to mind when you are marketing for your business. However, the business and employment aspect of LinkedIn make it unique in that it offers many opportunities to engage where your target audiences exist.


Connect with any relevant clients, customers or industry leaders. Make it a point to update and to continually connect. A good number to aim for is 200+ connections.


Use relationship marketing by creating personalized messages and interacting with your connections on a regular basis. When you connect, don’t simply share the auto messages that LinkedIn provides. Instead, include personal, thought-out information when congratulating a customer.

Share and Engage.

Keep in touch with industry news, local events and any information being shared on your company pages. Add in your own opinion and share with your connections. Also, pay attention to what others are posting and engage by liking and commenting on posts.


Maintain your profile. Don’t create your profile and ignore updating your information. It is important to keep an updated, professional looking image, add skills when applicable, delete skills when necessary, endorse others and ask for recommendations.

Remember that LinkedIn is a social media platform that provides a chance to truly grow your business in a way that other platforms cannot. You can use LinkedIn effectively by simply connecting, personalizing, sharing and engaging, and updating. This only requires a few minutes each day to make an impact on your business.

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