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One Blog Yields Nine Social Shares (or more)

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So you’ve written the perfect blog post, but now you need to promote it and garner links to the complete story, your website. To begin, you don’t want all of the social shares to be the same cookie cutter copy that your audiences will easily recognize. You have to be creative in each social network and be unique. There are many ways to get the word out without sounding boring, repetitive and uncreative.
Recently, we wrote Six Steps to Make Content Marketing Boost Your SEO Ranking. Let’s take a look at nine different approaches you can take to promote the same blog post.
Nine Social Media Posts from One Blog Article

  1. Teach: Discover six ways to boost your SEO ranking.
  2. Ask A Question: Looking for ways to boost your SEO ranking? Here are six steps you can take.
  3. Inform: Use these six tips to ensure SEO success.
  4. Motivate: Increase your SEO ranking with your content marketing.
  5. Call out a specific profession: #marketers — use these six tips to make content marketing boost your SEO ranking.
  6. Personalize: Guarantee SEO success with your content marketing so your message is seen.
  7. Use a hashtag: Maximize your #SEO ranking with these six tips.
  8. Announce: Follow these methods to ensure SEO success with your content marketing.
  9. Call out a specific audience: Attention #bloggers! Find out how to boost your SEO ranking to make your blog #1.

Add your personal flare to these posts and the possibilities greatly exceed nine social posts. As an added boost, expand the reach of social posts even further by using #hashtags. Read our article on Hashtags 101.